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FREE Residential Tenancy Database for the Australian Real Estate Industry

DataKatch’s FREE Residential Tenancy Database has revolutionised the way tenancy applicants are screened, aiding in the management of tenants.

By utilising DataKatch's FREE Residential Tenancy Database, Property Managers, Unit Managers and Landlords will have the ability to access high quality, in-depth information; facilitating informed decision-making.

DataKatch continues to work in consultation with key government and industry agencies to ensure system revisions and enhancements occur, according to legislative requirements.

Subscription to DataKatch's FREE Residential Tenancy Database is only available to Real Estate Agencies, Management Rights and Landlords.

Landlords will be required to email a copy of their most recent rates notice and bond lodgement form to info@datakatch.com.au before an account is activated.

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FREE subscription includes unrestricted access to DataKatch's:

Residential Tenancy Database

Find out if tenancy applicants and occupants have been reported to [datakatch] as default tenants.

Profile Checks Analyser

Discover if any searches have previously been conducted on tenancy applicants and occupants.

Internal Database

Search and retrieve information on tenancy applicants and occupants stored within your internal database.

Quick Link Lookup

One click link to process Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and AustLII searches on tenancy applicants or occupants.

Intelligent Listings System

Report default tenants with confidence using our no-restrictions listings process, powered by our Advanced Intelligent Matrix System.

Rental Serviceability Scoring

Score tenancy applicants using collective data analysed by our predictive analysis algorithms. Tenancy applicants and occupants can be scored individually or as a collective application.

Multi-Site Data Sharing

Companies with more than one office can setup Multi-Site Data Sharing allowing their offices to freely share information on tenants and tenancy applicants within their own private environment.

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